Junior Concert Band

Welcome to Junior Concert Band! This is the elective ensemble in Class 6 and 7 and we meet on Fridays for an hour at 11:45am during term time. This group is for all wind and brass players, driven along by a groovy rhythm section consisting of percussion, keys and bass.

We are working towards a number of exciting performance opportunities in the second half of the year, so our repertoire for Term 3 will be as follows (click on the title for a link to an audio recording):

A key learning point in Junior Concert Band is self management. Therefore, students are expected to:

  1. be on time,
  2. bring all equipment necessary for the rehearsal (instruments, sheet music, pencil) and ensure it is in good condition,
  3. experience success through practising the sheet music consistently prior to the rehearsal, working on it with their instrumental teacher and listening to any recordings,
  4. enjoy orderly rehearsal technique by not interrupting the coach, putting hands up and being tuned and ready to play as quickly as possible,
  5. listening and observing sound, movement and gesture from the coach and other players to enable a cohesive ensemble sound.

Jane Lush
Orchestra Coach