Senior Concert Band

Welcome to Senior Concert Band! This is an optional lunchtime group of Upper School students, with some Class 7 students (by invitation). We meet each Tuesday in the whare, from 12:45 to 1:25, starting 25th February.

We had a great year last year, with Pirates of the Caribbean, Ayre and Dance, and Stegosaurus and Brontosaurus from A Prehistoric Suite.  This year promises to be our best yet.  Now with seven new players from Class 7, we have the capacity for a great ensemble sound and some meaty new repertoire.

We’ll ease into the year with a big band arrangement of Rock Around the Clock, which will give us the opportunity to begin to find out how easy it is to have fun with improvisation.  We’ll be returning to Lord of the Rings, which we started last year, hopefully in conjunction with a visit from some help from some members of the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra later in the year – watch this space!

New members are welcome at any time. Please contact Jane or Hugo if you’d like to join us.

Here are some links to audio recordings – enjoy!

The latest blog post gives information and ideas to get us started on improvisation. Check it out here.

Jane Lush
Orchestra Coach