Marimba Ensemble

Kia ora koutou

I am really excited to teach the novelty of a marimba group this year and I hope it will turn into a well-known established ensemble. Now we can put the 11 bigger and smaller xylophones and metallophones which the school owns to good practice every week.

We have started well with a piece called ‘Steppin’Down’ by Jon Madin. There are three parts to it which the students picked up quickly. The tricky side is to play together with all these xylophones. The wooden keys have a sharp distinguished sound which disappears quickly so if we are not playing painstakingly together it doesn’t sound great.

The second song we started is called ‘Grace and Favour’ by the same composer. The title indicates older times and so does the music. As a matter of fact I have started this song with class 5 as well, playing it on recorders. Both instrumentations sound unique and maybe one day we can combine the two groups, who knows?