Class 6-7 Rock Band

Welcome to the Rock Band!

This is the elective ensemble in Class 6 and 7 and we meet on Fridays for an hour at 11:45am during term time. This group is for singers, guitarists, and pianists, with a solid rhythm section of Bass and Drums to keep us moving along in time.

We are working on some well-known contemporary rock songs by artists such as Nirvana, The Clash, Blink 182, and are expanding our repertoire very quickly.

A key learning point in Class 6-7 rock band is self management. Therefore, students are expected to:

  1. be on time
  2. bring all equipment and sheet music necessary for the rehearsal 
  3. learn to be productive in an ensemble through having listened and learned the tunes before rehearsal
  4. experience success through practising the music consistently prior to the rehearsal
  5. enjoy orderly rehearsal technique by not interrupting the coach, putting hands up and being ready to play as quickly as possible.
  6. listening and observing how the instruments work together to create a rich texture of music

We look forward to playing in front of an audience very soon!