Finding a quality instrument

You can rent and buy quality violins, violas and cellos from KBB Music ( These instruments stay in tune and are insured. They cost from $50-60 per month. If you go this route, you must get in quick to book one for next year though because they often become scarce.

If you are looking to buy, KBB sells quality instruments, as does Antonio Strings.

Another option is to look on as there are several vendors there. With instruments, we urge you to get the best instrument that you can afford, whether you buy new or second hand. This is because cheap instruments ($500 and under for cellos) tend to be a nightmare and don’t stay in tune.

There are some good second hand instruments at Farrell Music (Based in Auckland)

A great local violin builder and technician is Hana Krause at You could also try Antonio Strings

Your child will need their instrument from the beginning of February 2019.