Class 6-7 Ensembles

Class 6 Letter to Parents about ensemble 2019

At the end of Class 5, students will either choose a new instrument orcontinue strings in the Class 6 and 7 Ensembles. The Class 6 and 7 Ensembles continue to develop the work we did in Class 5 String Ensemble and works on note reading, technique and performance skills. Just like the Class 5 programme, they are also a compulsory part of the school day. The other available ensembles are Wind Ensemble and Guitar Ensemble.

String and Wind Ensembles have a requirement that students have private lessons with an instructor. This can be in the form of group lessons or individual lessons. Continuing strings is recommended because in the advanced string orchestra in Class 6, we really dig deep with ensemble playing and it is exciting. In other groups, learning a brand new instrument means progress is slower.  This will still be the right choice for many students.