Instrument care – please name instruments

Unfortunately a student in Class 5 can’t find his violin. Evidently he left it at school and couldn’t find it the next day. Could you all please make sure that you or your son/daughter didn’t take Archie’s violin home accidentally?

This is one of the reasons that I have been urging all students to name their instrument cases. I did a check this week and about 3/4 of the students have named them but there are a number who still need to do this! Please take the time to help them make/get a bag tag. A little piece of wool is not good enough sorry.

Also, there have still been some students who have been forgetting their instruments on orchestra day. If they forget their instruments, not only are they missing out on valuable ensemble time but they are also missing out on their small group lesson. In order to catch up on what they have missed we are asking that students then bring their instruments on Thursday to make this time up.

From 1.05-1.25 Hugo will work with these students. If they don’t bring their instrument to this session he will still work with them on bowing and other helpful techniques. This is not a punishment, but instead an opportunity to have some quality time with Hugo so if there are children who would like to join this session they are very welcome (I have already had some children asking if they could which is fantastic!).

I would also like to add that the skills that the students are learning through playing an instrument in an ensemble are extremely valuable skills and transferrable to many different contexts. Thank you for all those of you who have been supporting your children to practice diligently, I know it isn’t always easy.

With warm regards,