How it works

Students participate in one group lesson per week with 3-4 students in each group for eight weeks each term. The group lesson teacher and the class teacher organise the times for these lessons. These lessons and the morning orchestral rehearsals are supported by a donation of $60 per term ($8 per week). This rate is outstanding value for money considering the cost of private tuition is usually around $60 per hour. Making this donation secures our beautiful string programme and allows us to retain our highly skilled teachers.

The Class Orchestra also meets once a week at 9:30 for an hour. This rehearsal reviews content from the group lessons and runs in the format of a Suzuki Group Lesson. All morning rehearsals are from memory, but students still need to bring their Suzuki books just in case. There will be an orchestral rehearsal every week excluding week 1 of Term 1 for the whole year. Please bring your instrument every week, even if the coach contacts you to say there are no afternoon lessons. The morning rehearsal will proceed regardless.

Morning rehearsals Monday at 9:30-10:25am Every week
Afternoon lessons Students in the group lessons will always attend the full 30 minutes and observe the pieces they don’t know yet being taught. Monday after lunch for 30 minutes   8 times a term