Chamber Orchestra

Kia ora string players,

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Welcome to Chamber Orchestra! This is the elective orchestra in Class 6 and 7 and we meet on Fridays for an hour at 11:45am during term time. This orchestra is exclusively for string players (violin, viola, cello and double bass) and it is the place we fully geek out on our beautiful instruments.

In  our wonderful string group, we build on techniques which were acquired in the Class 3-5 String Programme. The Orchestra is NOT a Suzuki programme however and we will work intently on note reading skills and multi part classical and contemporary music. It is not a requirement to have played a stringed instrument before and we have some vacancies in viola, violin and double bass.

A key learning point in Class 6-7 Orchestra is self management. Therefore, students are expected to;

  1. be on time
  2. bring all equipment necessary for the rehearsal in good condition
  3. learn to be productive in an ensemble through having bowed, prepared and fingered music
  4. experience success through practising the sheet music consistently prior to the rehearsal
  5. enjoy orderly rehearsal technique by not interrupting the coach, putting hands up and being tuned and ready to play as quickly as possible.
  6. listening and observing sound, movement and gesture from the coach and other players to play chamber music in a more sensitive manner.


The sheet music for this year is accessible here. If you lose your music, please be proactive and print the appropriate pieces from the volumes provided. It is essential that the sheet music comes to school with the instrument each Friday and is in a decent folder.

This orchestra is a lot of fun and we have built on the success of last year by growing numbers and skill this year. Please tell friends and whanau about this treasure and get lots of audience to our concerts.

Ngā mihi nui,

Hugo Zanker

Orchestra coach