Class 3 concert series

EDIT: The public concert is now on the Tuesday the 26th of July at 9:30am in the Hall – PARENTS WELCOME

ConorTwinkles Theme – violin9
EmilioTwinkles Theme – cello9
RadhaFrench Folk Song – viola10
Fox French Folk Song – cello10
KarlaMinuet No. 1 – violin8
SebastianVariation A (busy busy stop stop) – viola8
NicoTwinkles Theme – cello9
ZariaMay Song – violin9
LucaTwinkles Theme – viola10
KingstonTwinkles plucked – cello10
AngelinaTwinkles Theme – viola8
LuciaGo Tell Aunt Rhody – viola8/9
NenoTwinkles var. C (down-tickle-up-tickle) – cello9
VinnieTwinkles var. A (Busy busy stop stop) – violin9
EthanLightly Row – cello10
MioTwinkles theme – cello10
JamesTwinkles theme – violin8
MeadowTwinkles var. A (Busy busy stop stop) – violin8
Theo French Folk Song – viola9
AriaTwinkle Theme – violin9
MereanaFrench Folk Song – cello10
ParthTwinkles Theme – violin10
AnaTwinkles var. A – viola8
LondonTwinkles var. A – violin8
OllieTwinkles Theme – violin9
LucyMay Song – violin9
AidenTwinkles theme – violin 10
SashaPerpetual Motion – violin10

Class concerts are an integral part of the programme. Performing in front of others make us experience our playing in a different way – not always positively. The big learning in our concert series is that if you prepare well for a concert, you have nothing to fear. Performing can be a big deal for some students but they generally come away from the experience felling good about and proud of themselves. Our mission is to only put students on stage in a light that they will look good and demonstrate all of the talent they have developed in class. In the run up to these concerts, please ask your child to play their piece to you and make an extra effort to listen and be present during practice. It makes a big difference when you are there for practice.

The first class concert will begin next week during orchestra time. Please note that this is a week later than anticipated. If students did not get me their piece, I have put them down for Twinkles Variation A. Please email me if you would like to change the piece. That is usually no problem provided that your child can play the piece well.