We are working hard to keep music going at school

A big thank you to all of the coaches, students, and teachers who have continued to make music a big part of the day at our kura. This is especially true of the woodwind, brass, and vocal ensembles who have had to rehearse outside for all of term 1. Luckily, we have never had terrible weather and lessons have been proceeding in the gazebo and on the basketball court undisturbed and it has been cool to see all of the al fresco music making. You can see Greg in the photo above working in the shade on a scorching February day. Ka pai, Greg, Jennie, and Jane for being flexible in this regard!

We have also had distance music learning for the first time at school, with Zoom drum and guitar lessons proceeding well. The students and coaches have been highly adaptable to the situation and are sounding great.

We will return to normal as soon as we can but until then, let’s continue our good humour and carry on with music making!