Concert Band in Hibernation

This post is directed to students and caregivers in both Junior and Senior Concert Bands.

I hope you are all well and happy in your bubbles. I’m sad that we’re unable to meet face to face but I’m confident that this can be a period where we continue to progress musically, and that when we’re able to play together again, the ensemble as a whole will also have progressed. If we can master our individual parts during this time, then when we next meet, it will be such a satisfying experience to put it all together and see how great it sounds.

I’m sure you’ve all heard plenty about the importance of art and music during times of disruption, and the benefits of a daily rhythm. Willow and I have been having heaps of fun playing along with the recordings of our concert band pieces, as well as finding the parts that are most challenging for us, and working hard (attentive repetition of small chunks) to get them the best they can be.

Please check the relevant blog (links below) for recordings of our current pieces, and let me know if you have any trouble accessing what you need.  If you’re missing any sheet music, just let me know and I can email you a scanned copy.  I’m happy to be contacted anytime on

Junior Concert Band – link to JCB blog
Please continue to work on Rock Around the Clock and Tango. We don’t have a recording for Tango, but I can produce a sound track of an individual part if anyone would like that.  Please listen carefully to Rock Around the Clock and focus on getting the articulation (doo, dit, bah) and dynamics (loud, soft) absolutely perfect by the time we meet again.  Those are the kind of details that make the ensemble truly musical.

Senior Concert Band – link to SCB blog
Please get secure on Tequila, and brush up any remaining parts of Rock Around the Clock, if needed.  Listen carefully to the recordings and focus on details such as dynamics and articulation, so that they’re absolutely perfect by the time we meet again. It will make such a difference to our sound.  If you have time, you could also start to look at Lord of the Rings again – there’s plenty of work in there for all of us, so this would be a good time to start getting as much of it under our belts as possible. Let me know if you need the sheet music.

I know that some of the instrumental teachers are offering webcam lessons during this time. If you’re able to do that – great!  They’re the best people to guide you in developing the skills for your specific instrument. Having said that, if I’m able to help in any way, or you have any questions about your music, please let me know.  And I do have some copies of beginner books at home, which may of interest to the new JCB members if they want something to continue working through.

Enjoy your music-making! I hope you love playing along with the recordings as much as I’ve been 🙂 and I really look forward to seeing you all again, when the time is right.

Jane Lush