Class 3-5 morning/afternoon routine

We have had a really fun first week of string class in the mornings. Everybody had a great attitude and, while Hugo hasn’t quite learnt everyone’s names yet, he is working on it.

This is just a quick update on our routine on orchestra day – families should drop instruments off before school (at the latest by 9am) at the Upper School music room. Cases are left outside in the sheltered area and instruments are unpacked and put inside. Cellos go on the floor and violins go on the tables at the back. Hugo will tune the instruments before orchestra begins at 9:30am.

Instruments can be picked up after school from the instrument storage, an area up the stairs at the admin end of the lower school. The instruments will be in the white cabinets there. Please retrieve your instrument on orchestra day. We only have space for one class at a time. Your child also needs to practise!

Please ensure all instruments, cases, rosins, bows and shoulder rests are named before your next rehearsal. This really is essential as the instruments are left unattended and bows all look the same when there are 30 of them. Initials are fine. The best way is to use a small vivid and put an initial at the base of the neck on instruments and on the tip of the bow. A baggage tag for the instrument case is ideal.

Please note that distinguishing pieces of cloth and stickers are not enough. We need initials or a name on the instrument. When you come to sell the instrument, a light application of meths and a damp cloth should remove the markings. If you have an instrument with sensitive varnish, there are other methods such as a tag on the chin rest, and a sticker on the bow.

If we all name our instruments, it will really reduce the risk of equipment being lost at school.