Chamber Orchestra- Term 4

After a great concert at the 100th on the 19th of September, we are now going to follow up with another performance at the School Fair on the 9th of November. PLEASE EMAIL HUGO IF YOU ARE UNAVAILABLE FOR THIS CONCERT. At the Fair, we will perform a medley of songs from the Disney film of Moana as well as our previous repertoire we have been working on. I am also looking at opportunities for other performance opportunities near the end of Term 4.

This term, I am going to create folders for each stand so that sheet music can be marked up between rehearsals by myself. It will also mean that if a student forgets their music, it isn’t a big deal. I’ll still give students the sheet music to take home but it is just a practice copy. I’ll get this music to you by Wednesday Week 1 Term 4. Please get a lesson on the repertoire ASAP.
Warm regards,